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Management of Security

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  • Last updated:2023-10-06
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Security is based on prioritizing the safety of the staff and the inmates, supplemented by maintaining discipline in the prison, managing the living of inmates and correcting their behavior. Correction is as important as management. We use humanitarian grounds as the starting point; execute affairs in accordance with the laws; and educate prisoners instead of punishing them. The principle we uphold is to take care of their lives with leniency and require their discipline strictly. We look forward to the inmates feeling at ease while they are serving a sentence, and we hope they can adapt to social life, repent, and start anew when they are discharged from prison.


A. Careful security and strict service supervision:
The security posts in the prison are under intensive supervision, and include two shifts: day shift and night shift, which are staffed by personnel at all levels: the director of the security sector, senior administrators, chief prison guards, and prison guards. They are on duty around the clock, organize annual education, and organize regular response drills for fire, riot, typhoon, and earthquake prevention and emergency medical care.

Anti-Riot Drill Emergency Medical Response Drill
                                    Anti-Riot Drill                                                         Emergency Medical Response Drill

B. Enhancing prison guards' pre-service and service education:
We provide pre-service and service education for prison guards. In order to improve the quality of discipline continuously, we convene section affairs conferences and discipline team conferences to review issues related to correction and discipline.

Perennial education for staffs Monthly section affairs conferences
                        Perennial education for staff                                             Monthly section affairs conferences

C. Technology support management
We set a full range of automatic digital video monitoring devices in every factory, room and important path to control the movement of the inmates effectively.

House broadcast system A full range of automatic digital video surveillance system
                            House broadcast system                               A full range of automatic digital video surveillance devices

D. Thorough checks to prevent the inflow of prohibited items:
When personnel and goods enter and leave the security clearance area, there are people responsible for checking to prevent contraband from entering; the personnel on duty in each facility in the prison will do routine inspections, and do comprehensive area-wide security checks and random security checks.

Assault checks Expanding security checks to factory
                                   Random check                                                      Comprehensive factory security check

E. Paying attention to the feedback of the inmates and strengthening bilateral communication:
We set suggestion boxes in the living area of the inmates and hold comprehensive qualify-of-life reviews quarterly to understand what they need. Additionally, we regularly interview inmates to hear their opinions concerning discipline.

Interviews with inmates to understand what they need Hold regular meetings to review the inmates
                Interviews with inmates to understand                                             Regular meetings to review
                                  what they need                                                     the inmates' suggestion about prison life

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