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View Of Chiayi Prison

Gate EntranceAdministrative Building
                                   Entrance Gate                                                                 Administrative Building

Reception RoomGazebo
                                  Reception Room                                                                          Sign Gazebo

Reception Room CenterReception Service
                                 Reception Room                                                            Reception Room Entrance

Prisoner's Work Exhibition - PotteryPrisoner's Work Exhibition - Calligraphy
                                   Prisoner's Work                                                      Exhibition Prisoner's Work Exhibition

Grand LandscapeVIP Room
                                 Grand Landscape                                                                           VIP Room

Historical evolution:
The history of Chiayi (Old) Prison began in the 8th year of the Republic of China (1919). It was built at No. 140, Weixin Road, Chiayi City, and was opened in the 11th year of the Republic of China (1922). It was originally named the "Chiayi Division of Tainan Prison", and it was renamed the "Chiayi Branch of Tainan Prison" in 1924. After Taiwan’s restoration, the ROC government took ownership of the prison and established it as the "First Division of Taiwan Third Prison". In 1947, it was renamed the "Taiwan Chiayi Prison".

In time, the old premises and facilities became too shabby to meet modern prison standards. According to the instructions of the Ministry of Justice, the authority of Chiayi Prison planned to relocate in Nanjing Sugar Farm of Fengchou Village in Lucao Township, Chiayi County, to commence constructing a contemporary prison. It started construction of new buildings for Chiayi Prison in 1991, and relocated after their completion on March 28, 1994; soon afterwards, it was pened on May 26, 1994. The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice was established on January 1, 2011; at this time, the prison changed its full title to "Chiayi Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice".

The area of new Chiayi Prison in Chiayi County is 9.64 hectares, and there are 240 staff posts and 2257 inmates.

Following the relocation of Chiayi Prison to Lucao Township, Chiayi County in 1994, old Chiayi Prison became a sub-prison under the management of the authority of Chiayi Prison. Following instructions from the Ministry of Justice about the development of Chiayi Old Prison, the authority of Chiayi Prison are planning a project titled "The Prison Historic Museum" to preserve the prison buildings, collect relics and bear witness to the history actively.

Chiayi Old Prison has over 100 years of history, and is now the only remaining old prison in Taiwan. On May 13, 2002, Chiayi City Government designated it as a Municipal Monument, and then on May 26, 2005, it became a National Monument by the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior.

Chiayi Old PrisonChiayi Prison
                                  Chiayi Old Prison                                                                     Chiayi Prison

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