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Investigation and Classification

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  • Last updated:2023-10-06
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When a new inmate is admitted, a direct inquiry into the inmate’s social background will be held, in order to draw up a correctional plan. He will be informed of all the penitentiary rules to be observed as well as his rights and privileges. In addition, a survey is done before an inmate is released, and after being discharged, further assistance is given for reintegration, protection, and follow-up.

The workshops and survey for new inmates Implementation of psychological tests After–care counselling before release
       The workshops and survey for            Implementation of psychological             After–care counselling before
                  new inmates                                               tests                                                  release

Lectures about drug harm from Department of Health Employment services lecture from Putz Employment Center Nomocracy education
     Lectures about drug harm from              Employment services lecture                      Nomocracy education

            Department of Health                    from Putz  Employment Center

Diversified referrals course before release After-Care lectures fromTaiwan After-Care Association branch Interviews about short-term plans after prison
       Diversified referrals course                 After-Care lectures from Taiwan          Interview about short-term plans

                 before release                           After-Care Association branch                            after prison

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