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Vocational Training

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The purpose of the prison business is to train the inmates to have vocational skills, develop the habit of being diligent, and cultivate their bodies and minds so that they may be able to adapt to a normal life in the community.
Commission to Process
The Prison accepts commissions from ordinary manufacturers to process products. At present, the Prison has 13 processing factories for commission, and the items we contract include: bath loofahs, snow chains, ball point pens, slippers, car visors, cartons, paper bags, and garments.

Paper Bag Processing
Paper Bag Processing

Ball-shaped bundles ProcessingGarment Processing
                             Bath loofah Processing                                                              Garment Processing

Self-managed Business
Under the self-managed Business, the Prison plans and executes the process of research, development, manufacture, and selling of the products. The "Quality & Safety" logo is authorized to every product made by the Agency of Corrections (as illustrated).

LOGO-NO.1 Quality & Safety

LOGO-NO.1 Quality & Safety

There are five departments within the Self-managed Business: sewing, carpentry, pottery, agriculture, food and art. The sewing department makes all kinds of clothing and sewn products; the carpentry department makes wooden products including furniture and carved plaques; the pottery department uses clay to make ceramics and Koji Pottery; the food department makes bread, cakes, biscuits and other baked products; the art department makes handicraft products such as dolls, paintings, paper models and festive lanterns.

Exquisite Pottery - DishExquisite Pottery - Vash
Exquisite Pottery                                                                        Exquisite Pottery
Koji Pottery WorksWoodcarving Works
Koji Pottery                                                                              Woodcarving

Skill Training
The Prison sets up skills training classes for Koji pottery, king ship carving, computer software, doll design, agriculture, sewing, bakery, visual communication design etc. for inmates for the purpose of training skills for their livelihood, revitalizing traditional industries and inheriting cultural resources. Inmates who attend the "Grade C Visual Communication Design" skill training class may apply for the Grade C Technician Skills Evaluation in order to obtain a license, which may help them obtain employment after being discharged from prison.

Situation of Pottery training class

Situation of Doll skill training classSituation of Carpentry carving skill training class
           Doll-making class                                                        Carpentry and woodcarving class
Situation of Sewing training classSituation of Pottery training class
Sewing class                                                                            Pottery class
Grade C Visual Communication Design Disciplines and technical subjects Evaluation - ComputerGrade C Visual Communication Design Disciplines and technical subjects Evaluation - written test
Grade C Visual Communication Design Disciplines                           Grade C Visual Communication Design      

                and technical subjects evaluation                                    Disciplines and technical subjects evaluation      

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