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Organization Chart

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  • Last updated:2022-04-19
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Chiayi prison is subordinate to the Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice.  The Warden shall manage the whole prison affairs, command and supervise all staffs. The Deputy Warden shall assist the Warden in dealing with the prison affairs.  The responsibilities of the Secretary are as follow: reviewing the documents, researching, coordinating the communication between the various divisions and offices, and the matters assigned by the Warden.  The prison has established six sections and four offices as follows:  Investigation and Classification Section, Edification and Education Section, Business Section, Sanitation and Health Section, Guard and Control Section, General Affair Section, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Statistics Office, and Government Ethics Office.  They are in charge of the relevant business and organized the Prison Affairs Committee by the directors of each section and office.


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